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Idea to make Your Warehouse Stocktaking and Maintenance Job Easier

Recently, we have received many orders of Scissor Lift which used for stock taking and maintenance job. Some customers requested 7 or 14 units of Scissor Lifts at one time for their warehouse in order to complete the job as soon as possible.

Below are the common types of Scissor Lifts which like to be used for stocktaking:

Working Height: 12m

Platform Capacity: 320kg

Platform Dimension: 2.25m x 1.15m x 1.1m

Working Height: 13.9m

Platform Capacity: 320kg

Platform Dimension: 2.25m x 1.15m x 1.1m

GTJZ1412 mostly used to do the maintenance job due to it's working height and compact design.

Working Height: 15.8m

Platform Capacity: 227kg

Platform Dimension: 2.64m x 0.81m x 1.1m

There are a few reasons that why customer like to use Scissor Lift for their warehouse activities:

Access Heights and Spots That Are Hard to Reach

Since some lifts can go up to 16m in height, this is a tool that allows your workers to reach spots that would have otherwise been very hard to get to.

Improved Productivity

Scissor lifts’ elevation controls offer much more precision than the rungs on a ladder. This precision reduces material handling times, leading to higher productivity levels. Being able to work at an optimal height also reduces the physical strain on employees. As a result, they can work faster for longer.

Compact Design

A scissor lift is basically the most compact type of aerial work platform you will ever find. This is important when it comes to tight spaces, such as event spaces or tightly packed storehouses where height access is restricted by stacked crates.

Minimum Floor Space

While other aerial work platforms require a lot of floor space to operate, scissor lifts are among the most compact lifting equipment. The total area required is virtually equivalent to the area of the lift-able platform, making these lifts easy to store.

Ease of Use

These lifts are particularly easy to operate. The controls are simple and literally foolproof, which decreases the tiredness of operators. This also means that operators can be trained in the use of this tool in a couple of days, so you can put it to use with minimal downtime.

Some customer prefer to use Boom Lift for their warehouse maintenance job due to it able to go higher.

If you're working indoors in a narrow aisle and completing a stock take or maintenance job, a Scissor Lift is a very useful piece of equipment and one of the must-have in every warehouse. It provides a steady rising platform with a safe enclosure and helps workers to accomplish lots of tasks required at high elevations, such as close inspection, stock counting and maintenance .

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