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Why Hire a Electric Boom Lift Can Help Our Planet A Better Place To Live?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Today, more people are demanding environmentally-friendly equipment. More municipalities are demanding “green” building for new construction and renovations.

An Electric Boom Lift is your environmentally friendly solutions and alternatives. It offers quiet, emission free operation in the most sensitive work environment. It also help position your company as an innovative and green organization. Read on to find out the benefits that all-electric AWPs offer.

1. Better Utilization

Electric Boom Lift can be used indoors as well as it has the ability to work in areas with CO2 emission restrictions. If your worksite has noise restrictions (i.e. close to hospitals or in urban areas before and after working hours), you can still carry on with your work with a quiet electric boom lift. It can be widely used in factories, warehouses, airports, stations and other industries, especially for small working environment.

2. Less Breakdown

Electric machines have lower possibility of a breakdown because they have fewer components than a diesel machine (e.g. no oil, oil filter and fuel filters) and do not have a hydraulic system that heats up as the electric motor does not run idle. Since electric machines do not require fuel so you do not need to worry about fuel quality or oil leaks.

3. Save Cost

Electricity is cheaper than fuel! This alone will save you money. Electric machines permit easier and faster inspections, as there is no check on engine oil, cooling water, etc. and there is less wear on hydraulic components (electric motor only rotates if a motion is required), meaning less chance that you will have to pay to replace parts of the AWP.

4. Protect the Environment

In today’s increasingly competitive “green” aerial access market, rental store owners looking for new ways to differentiate their businesses by adding more eco-responsible machines to their fleets appreciate this new-generation electric technology. An Electric Booms will help you contribute to a decrease in our global carbon footprint.

Recently, a brand new electric articulating booms have been launched in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia . The manufacturer’s zero-emission AB14EJ and AB16EJ models, with platform heights of 14m and 15.7m respectively, were delivered to local dealer.

Both are equipped with a smart screen display, the machines’ integrated technology also includes a self-diagnostic system. We ensure that the Winning Edge of Electric Articulating Boom Lift will impress you a lot. The machines currently are fully rented out in Selangor, Johor, Penang, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan and more.

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